• Jan van den Hemel

Tree illustrations made in Krita

Recently a client commissioned me to create about 40 illustrations for their website. The company, Boomkwekerij De Bruyn, has one of the biggest tree plantations in the Benelux (Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg), with over 1000 varieties of trees and big garden plants. They gave me a tour of their giant plantation so I could gather some reference images. It was quite impressive to see so many different trees!

For such a big company, they were nice enough to give me a lot of creative freedom and we ended up with some very nice-looking illustrations, which I produced in Krita, an open-source painting app. I find painting in Krita very pleasant. The brush slightly rotates in an organic way, producing organic strokes the way a real brush would. It also comes by default with lots of interesting looking brushes, and takes very little time to learn how to use. You are painting in minutes.

I was loosely inspired by the background art of Kazuo Oga which he made for Studio Ghibli. Of course, I won't pretend to be a match for his masterful work! It was just an inspiration in terms of the color palette and general feel from the limited color palette of the poster color paints that he used.

If you are curious to see the rest of the illustrations (and perhaps buy a tree while you are there!) go to the website of the client, "Boomkwekerij De Bruyn", by following this link.

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